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  • Grade 12 computer technology students will need a cellphone or iPad
    to access daily lessons from the online class assigned web lessons.
  • Mr. Laxton is available for extra help in room 225 between 7:30 and 8:00 AM, Monday through Friday
    and Period 4.
    Please contact him to prearrange a time and
    date ahead of time. Don't
    just show up!
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Welcome! All course webpage links and passwords will be handed out in class.

What is Engineering? Engineering Explained by IEEE

Link: Why Should Students Take Computer Technology/Engineering Courses In High School?

Are Computer Skills Important Today?

The answer is overwhemingly YES.

This link Quotes from Leaders outlines famous quotes from world leaders about the need for learning computer skills.

Computer skills help people have a better understanding of the features and functions of computers and hardware. Computer-knowledgable people understand file sizes, memory constraints, network configurations, computer security and above all, computer programming. Such people can proficiently use word processors, make digital presentations, be current on the latest operating systems and know how to program websites. Computer skills can also be applied in most businesses like banks, where computer systems manage customer data.

Many car mechanics use computer-aided systems to diagnose automotive problems. Doctors use databases to file patient information. Medical specialists use computers for diagnostic purposes, like digital heart imaging, digital radiaology and x-rays, and analog and digital ultrasound. Scientists use computer skills to perform research working in all fields of science. Advanced computer skills find many applications in manufacturing companies that use computerized robotics. Video game design and specialized computerized visual effects are used in many businesses around the world.

Computer skills can be acquired via a variety of means, including high school computer science and technology courses, online tutorials, computer classes and continuing education programs.

Are you going to be left behind in post-secondary schools and future careers without the proper computer technology and computer science skills?


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I wish all my students future success, whether you choose to attend College, University or enroll in a trade. Work hard, study and believe in yourselves to achieve your ultimate life goals!

Mr. Laxton!