Honors Technology Specialist, Brock University, St.Catherines, Ontario, 2006
Tech Ed Teaching Diploma, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, 2003
Aviation Maintenance Technology Diploma, Conway, SC 2000
Bachelor Electronic Engineering Degree, Virginia Beach, VA., 1998
Associate Degree Electronic Technology, New Haven, CT., 1991
Completed 1 Year of Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Concordia University, Montreal, PQ (1982-85)
Fashion Design Diploma, Sheridan College, Oakville, Ont., 1978
Retail Business Management (1 Yr),Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ont., 1975

Professional Work Experience

Technology Teacher, Abbey Park High School, Oakville, Ont.
Technology Teacher, Q.E. Park High School, Oakville, Ont.
Technology Teacher, Georgetown High School, Georgetown, Ont.
Helicopter Mechanic, PHI Inc., Lafayette, LA. (Bell, Eurocopter, Bocal Turbine Helicopters)
Field Engineer, GE Medical, Charlotte, NC. (Cardiology, Pediatrics, Cathlab and Digital Heart Imaging)
Field Engineer, Baxter Medical, Charlotte, NC. (Blood Chemistry, Hemotology, Microbiology Laboratory Analyzers)
Electronic Service Manager, Artex International, Charlotte, NC. (AC/DC Power Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers)
Co-Owner, Video Production Company, Montreal, PQ. (TSN Contract - 5 years)
Clothing Designer/Overseas Buyer, Montreal, PQ.
Clothing Patternmaker/Designer, Winnipeg, MB

Licensure & Certification

USA - FAA (A&P) Aircraft Mechanic License, Charleston, SC., 2000
FCC - General Radio Telephone Operator's License, Charlotte, NC., 1998
A+ Computer Certification, Charlotte, NC., 1996
C Language Computer Programming Diploma, Cleveland, OH., 1996
Journeyman License (CET) in Communication Electronics, Fort Worth, Texas, 1991

Professional Memberships

ISCET - International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians