My 1952 MG TD Roadster

January 23, 2010

I started restoring the wood frame (timbers) at the beginning of the summer 2009 and am presently working on fitting the timbers and body panels before I paint them:


April 5, 2010

I cleaned the frame and mounted it on jacks then installed the front radiator mount.


The foot rest support rods and brake/clutch pedals installed.


The front suspension, springs, spindle and knuckles.


The rear axle, differential and back brake plates.


The rear brake fitting and left rear brake line.


The rear shocks plus link connected to the spring assembly.


The front left brake and brake cylinder fitting with brake pressure switch.


The front brake fluid fitting, and brake cylinder fitting with brake pressure switch.


I completed building the brakes.


Sheet Metal Repairs

The body tub being fitted.


The body tub and trial fitting the scuttle top.


The scuttle top being installed tp the side panels.


The passenger side rear wheel-well panel needed repairing, especially where it meets the front rocker panel. I fabricated a new partial panel that joins the forward rocker panel. I will complete the panel with filler on the final finishing stage, once I complete all the body sheet metal repairs.


The rear wheel-well panel had a major problem at the back. Severe rusting! This panel is a used part because mine was rusted beyond repair. When I received this used part from a used car part dealer, it wouldn't fit the back properly. Someone had repaired it and made the back a 90-degree angle, which is wrong. The panel needs a angle to match the back gas tank frame. I added a gusset and stretched the panel 1/2" to make it fit. My wife complimented me on my work, which is very rare, but it fits well.


Here's another view.

I completed the sheet metal part of repairing the back rear wheel-well panel by making a new lower panel. I will finish the panel with filler once I do the final body finishing.


After test fitting the driver's L/H door, I disassembled the door to check the condition of the wooden door panels. The wood at the bottom of the door has dry rot and needs to be replaced. I ground out the rust, which had only eaten away the steel a little. I treated the steel, primed it and sealed it to prepare to receive the new wood panels.


I worked an entire week completing the tub body panels, which was a hard task, as follows:


Finally, I completed the car body work on August 2, 2010. I installed the tires on August 5, then sent the car to Neil's Collision & Autobody in Burlington for painting. Even though the car was originally black, I am painting it British Racing Green, which is still an original colour for the 1952 year.


Painted Parts

I received back from the body shop the following completed painted parts:


I completed rebuilding the gas tank and had to drill and tap new screw holes to eliminate corrosion problems in the old screw holes:


The car body was completed and I had it trucked home and removed all the paper:


I started to fit the front cowling wood that sits between the front body and engine cowling:


Rebuilding Parts

The inside engine wall cowling had damage where the battery sits. I had to cut out the damaged portion and remake one entire battery compartment wall:


I started to rebuild the engine cowling, adding a fuel pump, cable starter coil, and information plates:


The engine cowling installed:


The windsheild installed:


The fuel line installed:

I started installing the electrical harness and finished the voltage regulator, fuse box and horn installation:


I installed the gas tank, dash board and wiring with the help of my wife:



The beginning of the engine install:


The muffler installed:

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