My 1952 MG TD Roadster

January 24, 2012

First Engine Start

My friend Brian Cullingford from Cullingford Motors, Barrie, Ontario, delivered my car back to me today. He fully restored (resurrected) my engine, which included replacing all the ceased parts including the crank and cam shafts, bearings, etc. I've known Brian (a sports car dealer and mechanic) for a long time and am thrilled he took on the project of helping me fully restore this engine. The following movie is the first start of the car after receiving it:

The following image is of the front grill painted with the same colour as the interior. This was standard for MG back in the 50's:

The following images are of the rebuilt engine:


The following images are of the driver and passenger door rebuild. I rebuilt the door frames last summer. Unfortunately, the wood was not good and swelled even after spraying two coats of polyurethene. I bought new wood (Canadian oak) and am reubuilding and fitting the wood in the body frame. I am also rebuilding the inner door metal inserts. I took the diassembled doors to Teff-Line in Burlington and had them lightly oxide blasted and primed, which took care of the rusted inner seams:


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