Contact Information
Abbey Park HS
1455 Glen Abbey Gate
Oakville, Ontario
L6M 2G5
Phone: (905) 827-4101 ext 235

My school email address: is for parents only.

Students will contact me through the class assigned email address below.

Email is my preferred method of contact. If parents want to contact me and do not have an email account, they can contact me at the above Abbey Park HS telephone number.

Class Assigned Email Addresses: Semester 2 (February 5, 2018 - June 20, 2018)

Students will email all their assigned work to:

Period 1 - (TEJ4M-01 Grade 12 Comp Eng - room 225)

Period 3 - (TEJ2O-02 Grade 10 Comp Eng - room 225)

Period 5 - (TEJ3M-02/TEJ4M-02 Grade 11/12 Comp Eng - room 225)

Students Handing in Work

Hand all work in a Word.doc format.

Do not hand in an Open Office or PDF format document. Word documents allow the teacher to edit and add comments to work to be sent back to students.
Teacher Receiving Student Work

The teacher cannot mark work sent to the wrong email address.

It is a student's responsibility to make sure that the teacher has received his or her work in the assigned class Gmail account. This can be done at any time in class by asking Mr. Laxton to check the class assigned email account. On the assignment scheduled due date, Mr. Laxton will open up the assigned class email address for students to check to see if their files arrived in the email account before they leave class.

Sending Files Using Hotmail or Gmail

DO NOT send large files using Hotmail. It will not produce a error message if a student tries to send a file larger than Hotmail's limit.

Students can use their Halton Board Cloud accounts to email work or I also recommend students create their own personal Gmail account (Do not use your own name) and send their work through Gmail. I have had many graduate students request copies of their work after they have graduated from Abbey Park. Unfortunately, a Halton Cloud account will be terminated once a student graduates; therefore, creating your own personal Gmail account that you can use at Abbely Park and at post-secondary schools is a useful way to keep a copy of your work after you leave Abbey Park.

DON'T ASSUME just because you click the SEND button that your email has been sent or received. It is the student's responsibility to make sure his or her work has been received by the teacher. Mr. Laxton can open up the class assigned email account to verify it the next day in class.

File Naming Format

File Naming Format

The following is the only naming format for Word.doc filenames and email subject line names that will be accepted when handing in work to the class assigned email address:


Handing in work with improper email subject lines and Word.doc filenames will not be tolerated. It is the student's repsonsibility to follow the naming convention exactly!

All assignments will handed in to the class assigned email address using the same name for the Word.doc filename and subject line format.

Below is a file and email subject line naming format example:

Example 1:


The following picture illustrates the above file being attached and emailed to the class assigned email address:

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