From time to time students have made comments that they have problems studying and taking notes. The picture links on this webpage link students to webpages that outline important points of how to become a better learner:

This webpage was created to help students learn and understand how to study better. There are tips to becoming a better active learner and an acronym named LASR to help students better understand and remember the importance of active learning. There is also a study staircase to help plan an active study schedule.
Effective notetaking:
  • Keeps you alert
  • Keeps your body active and involved and helps you avoid feelings of drowsiness or distraction
  • Engages your mind
  • Keeps your mind actively involved with what you hearing and learning
  • Highlights the key ideas you are listening to
  • Emphasizes and organizes information
  • Creates a condensed record for study
  • Keeps a set of concise, well-organized notes from each class session gives you what you need for study, learning, and review after class
  • This webpage was created to help students learn and understand how to use Cue Cards for studying. A link to a university research "white paper" found under the sub-header "Effective Learning Techniques" summarizes and evaluates several popular study techniques. The research paper allows parents and students to understand that studying over longer periods of time using Cue Cards is the best and most effective way to study.