My 1952 MG TD Roadster

In 2006, I began restoring a 1952 MG TD Roadster, which I purchased from an older gentleman (second owner) from North Tanawanda, New York. The car had been sitting in his heated garage for 38 years, prior to me purchasing it.

When I picked the car up at his farm house, it wouldn't move. All the wheel bearings were seized. Several of the man's friends helped winch (drag) the car onto a flat trailor that I rented to transport the car back to Ontario.

My son and I are doing a complete restoration, meaning the car will be completely taken apart and every piece of the vehicle will be restored back to its original condition (if possible). This kind of restoration takes longer, but in the end, the results will be amazing. My plan is to restore the vehicle so I can pass it to my son after my death.

Part of the reason for creating these webpages is that I told the man that I would do this for him so he could see the restoration as it's happening. It is a pleasure to do this for him because he loved the car so much. If he is still alive by the time I complete the restoration, I will return to his home as promised to let him drive the car one more time.

I hope you will enjoy following the restoration, as much as I will enjoy doing it.